I’m a journalist, writer, tv producer, author and director, a screenwriter and a contract professor at LUISS university in Rome.

My freelance journalist career has taken me until now in 32 countries all over the world, delivering text and photos for several newspapers and magazines, both printed and online (see below ‘More info about me’ or have a look at the Portfolio page).

My email is: (my first name).(my family name)@inwind.it


Sono una giornalista, scrittice, produttrice e sceneggiatrice per la tv, docente universitaria a contratto presso l’università LUISS di Roma.


Lavoro come giornalista freelance dal 1999 e ho collaborato e collaboro con le principali testate giornalistiche italiane. I miei articoli sono stati pubblicati tra gli altri da: La Repubblica, Il Sole 24 Ore, l’Espresso, Wired, Focus, Vanity Fair, Milano Finanza, Newton, Italia Turistica, Oxygen.

Ho scritto due saggi scientifici (L’era dell’atomo, uscito nel 2014 per Il Mulino e scritto con Piero Martin e Verde Brillante. Intelligenza e sensibilità nel mondo vegetale uscito nel 2013 per l’editore Giunti e scritto con Stefano Mancuso). Ho curato il libro di Andrea Illy Un sogno di caffè uscito nel 2015 per Codice editore e scritto con Rosalba Vitellaro due libri per ragazzi pubblicati dall’editore RAI Eri (vedi sotto o nella sezione Books).

Ho scritto e prodotto quattro cartoni animati e scritto e co-diretto tre documentari, tutti andati in onda su reti RAI.

Nel 2014 ho conseguito un Ph.D. in Scienze Agrarie e Ambientali all’Università di Firenze e nel 2010 ne avevo conseguito un altro in Scienze della Comunicazione all’università di Roma ‘La Sapienza’.

La mia email è: (ilmionome).(ilmiocognome)@inwind.it


Alessandra Viola is a journalist, writer, TV producer and media company manager. She teaches Science communication as contract professor at universities and has organized outreach events for museums and exhibitions, including EXPO Milan 2015.

Academic activities and lectures

2013 – present                    Contract Professor at the University “LUISS-Guido Carli” (Rome), where she teaches the course “Communication and Science of Energy” for the students of the Political Sciences and International Affairs Degree. http://docenti.luiss.it/viola/

2014 – 2017                       Contract Professor at the University of Venice for the laboratory courses held at the “Ca’ Foscari International College”:

  • “Energy of the future” (to be given in 2017)
  • “The equilibrium of terror, a century of science between war and peace” (2016)
  • “The atom in our dish” (2015)
  • “Science in Venice” (2014)

2014 – 2015                       Genoa Science Festival, invited speaker with Piero Martin for the public lectures:

  • “The equilibrium of terror, a century of science in war and peace” (2015).
  • “The era of the atom” (2014) and

2015                                  University of Padova, speaker at the EXPO Days event “The atom in our dishes”, with Piero Martin.

2013/2014                          Lectio magistralis “The alphabet of energy”, given for the inauguration of the 2013/14 academic year at the University of Venice International College, with Piero Martin.

2013                                   University of Sannio, public lecture on “Communicate the incommunicable. Use of metaphors in science communication”.



2001 – present                   Director at “Larcadarte”, art and entertainment company specialized in TV educational products. The company, one of the top ten Italian cartoon producers, is based in Palermo and Rome and has been twice awarded for its works by the President of the Italian Republic (see Awards section).

In her role she is responsible for the global artistic strategy of the company, including: production direction, art direction, selection of the artistic projects developed by the company, interaction with artists and production studios. http://www.larcadarte.it


2006 – present                    CEO at Dabliu Production. Dabliu’s mission is the organization of science and cultural events. The company has worked among others for: Enel, Wired Italy, Oxygen (Codice edizioni), Comitato Italia 150. https://produzioniw.com



Since 1999 she has been active as a freelance professional journalist working with continuity for the most important Italian media companies (listed below). As many journalist, over the years she gained experience in various fields such as Sport, Culture, News, Tourism and Economy. Since about ten years her principal interest is in Science, Technology and Innovation. She is also a Science and Innovation blogger.

1999 – present                    Journalist for “La Repubblica” (newspaper and web site) and “Il Venerdì” (weekly magazine)

2000 – present                    Journalist for “L’Espresso” (weekly magazine and web site)

2005 – present                    Journalist for “Il Sole 24 ore” (newspaper and web site) and since 2009 for “Nòva” (weekly science pages of “Il Sole 24 Ore”)

2014 – present                    Blogger for “Il Sole 24 Ore” with Clorofilla power where she also publishes her LUISS student’s best works

2013 – present                    Journalist for RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana (reporter and author, see in the TV section below)

2012 – 2017                       Blogger for “Che Futuro!” (http://www.chefuturo.it/author/alessandra-viola/)

2009 – 2011                      Journalist for “Wired”

2010                                  Journalist for “Vanity Fair”

2004 – 2005                    Journalist for “MF – Milano Finanza”

2002-2004                         Editor in chief for the web magazine EasyMagazine, published by the start up company EtaBeta Multimedia and focused on innovation in education

2003                                  Press office manager for APT – Palermo, office for the tourism promotion of the Palermo area

1998 – 2000                       Journalist for “Corriere dello sport”


Television activities for science communication

2016 – present                    Author of the TV science show “Passi di scienza” (10 episodes of 52 minutes). Each episode is set in a different Italian city and is dedicated to a specific science topic. The series will be broadcasted by RAI – Radiotelevisione italiana in autumn 2017.

2016 – present                    Author of the TV science show “Sperimentiamo” (20 episodes of 30 minutes). Each episode covers a different science topic, illustrated through experiments performed by teenagers all over the world. The series, to be broadcasted by RAI – Radiotelevisione italiana in autumn 2017, is for teenagers 13-15 years old.

2016 – present                    Author of the TV science show “Memex Area” (20 episodes of 52 minutes). In each episode we look for innovations and innovators in Italy. The series will be broadcasted by RAI – Radiotelevisione italiana in 2017/2018.

2013                                  Reporter and author for “Metropoli”, TV science show broadcasted by RAI 3 (Channel 3 of Italian national television).

2010-2012                         Reporter and author for “Cosmo”, TV science show broadcasted by RAI 3 (Channel 3 of Italian national television).


Visual art and creativity

She has been the creator, production director, and author (or co-author) of subjects and screenplays of the following cartoons, documentaries and web docs. Her activity in this area also involves the post-production promotion of the works, including: outreaching events in museums and schools, film festivals, special public events, distribution.

  • Un solo pianeta”, web-doc, Italian National Research Council (CNR), 2016.
    Topic: Food and Environment in Planet Earth, made for EXPO Milan 2015
  • Il traguardo di Patrizia”, 26′ cartoon, RAI Fiction, 2016 – Winner of the UNICEF Prize at the Venice International Cartoon Festival “Cartoons on the bay.
    Topic: right of citizenship based on the story of a children, born in Italy and daughter of immigrants, who became an athlete of the national team
  • Lettere da Barbiana”, 52′ documentary, RAI Cinema, 2016.
    Topic: Story of Don Lorenzo Milani, famous Italian teacher in the ’50s.
  • Baracche e Burattini”, 52′ documentary, Region of Sicily, 2015.
    Topic: The story of the post-earthquake reconstruction in three Italian regions.
  • La missione di 3P”, 26′ cartoon, RAI Fiction, 2013 – nominated for the Pulcinella prize at the International Cartoon Festival “Cartoons on the bay”.
    Topic: Story of Padre Pino Puglisi, Italian priest and educator killed by the Mafia in Palermo.
  • Beata Provvidenza”, 52′ documentary, Rai 1, 2013.
    Topic: Story of ‘Centro Padre Nostro’, an education center for kids living in a poor neighborhood of Palermo.
  • Giovanni e Paolo e il mistero dei Pupi”, 26′ cartoon, RAI Fiction, 2010 – nominated for the Pulcinella prize at the International Cartoon Festival “Cartoons on the bay”.
    Topic: Children story dedicated to Giovanni Falcone e Paolo Borsellino, Italian judges killed by the Mafia.
  • Pietramare”, 52′ documentary, RAI World, 2009.
    Topic: the island of Lipari after the closure of the pumice stone quarries.
  • Benedetta”, 26′ cartoon, RAI Fiction, 2007.
    Topic: Children story about the exploitation of child labor in Palermo.


  Museum and exhibition activities

2016 – present                    Project leader of the new “Museum of high-tide” (“Museo dell’acqua alta”), proposal to be realized in Venice.

2014-2015                         Head of communication and editorial team for the Italian National Research Council (CNR) communication special office at the 2015 Universal Exposition (EXPO) held in Milan. https://www.expo.cnr.it/en/credits

2015                                  Organizer of the “Energy day” held at the Museo di Storia Naturale (Museum of Natural History) in Venice.

2011                                  Director of the “Energy” and “Mobility” sections – and of the related events – for the exhibition “Stazione Futuro”. The exhibition was held in Turin for the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Italian Republic.



2015-2016                         Head of the design team for the “Un solo pianeta” (“The only planet”) webdoc, internet based documentary produced by the Italian National Research Council (CNR).

2012                                  Collaboration with the RAI-ERI publisher (the publishing company of the Italian national TV company) as media and new technologies expert for the development of the augmented reality App “Minerva” (available in IOS and Google Stores).

2012                                  Developer of the “Forever” augmented reality app (available in IOS and Google Stores).



2015 – present                    Member of the Jury of the Gambrinus Prize, national literary Prize dedicated to environmental sciences.

2011                                   Member of the Jury of the Rome International Science Documentary Festival, organized in partnership with “La Sapienza” University of Rome.


Collaboration with International Organizations

2010-2015                         Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) observation missions in Sri Lanka, Mexico, Guatemala, Croatia, Egypt as unique representative of the Italian press. Within these missions she attended bilateral meetings with media experts of the countries.

2013                                  Member of the press delegation, as unique Italian representative, at the 20th session of the General UNWTO General Assembly, held in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

2008                                  Designated representative of the Italian press in the international cooperation mission of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs dedicated to the promotion of biodiversity and of plant medical uses in Tanzania. The mission succeeded in the classification of more than 800 new active principles of vegetal origin.


Books and other Publications



Her works (books, articles, documentaries, cartoons, etc.) have been awarded with several prizes, as specified below.

  • Wissenschaftsbuch des Jahres (“science book of the year”), prize of the Austrian Ministery of Science for the book “Verde Brillante. Intelligenza e sensibilità del mondo vegetale”, translated in German as “Die Intelligenz der Pflanzen”, 2016.
  • Medal of the President of the Italian Republic for the cartoon “Il traguardo di Patrizia”, 2015.
  • Gambrinus Literature Prize for the book “Verde Brillante. Intelligenza e sensibilità del mondo vegetale”, 2014.
  • First Prize of the Italian Book Association (AIL) for science popularization awarded to her book “Verde Brillante. Intelligenza e sensibilità del mondo vegetale”, 2013.
  • Medal of the President of the Italian Republic for the cartoon “La missione di 3P” (2012).
  • Naxos Prize for the cartoon “Giovanni e Paolo e il mistero dei pupi” (2009).
  • Il grillo – best TV show for children Prize for the cartoon “Giovanni e Paolo e il mistero dei pupi” (2009).
  • XI Rocco Chinnici Prize for the legality for the screenplay of the cartoon “Giovanni e Paolo e il mistero dei pupi” (2009).
  • Valorizzare la biodiversità Prize of the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs for her reportage from Tanzania published by “La Repubblica” newspaper, 2008.
  • Winner of the Armenise-Harvard Italian Science Writer Fellowships awarded from Armenise-Harvard Foundation together with Ugis (Unione italiana giornalisti scientifici) for the best science article of 2007.


Professional volleyball activities

From 1991 to 1997 she played Volleyball as a professional athlete. She played in the Italian First Division (A1) and in A2 and B teams in Rome, Perugia, Florence, Naples, Palermo. She was convened in the Italian National Team and in 1997, before leaving the sport to devote herself to journalism, she played in the First division of the French championship.




Sono una freelance e attualmente collaboro con: L’Espresso, La Repubblica, Il Sole 24 Ore, con le riviste Focus, Oxygen, Agorà e con il blog CheFuturo!. Mi occupo principalmente di Scienza e Tecnologia e di Viaggi.

Sono stata inviata per la trasmissione Metropoli e per la trasmissione Cosmo, entrambe in onda su Rai 3. Potete vedere qui alcuni dei servizi andati in onda tra il 2010 e il 2013.

Nel 2011 ho presentato il Festival della Scienza Live di Genova. Potete vedere qui alcune delle interviste che ho realizzato. Tra gli altri ci sono: Luca Mercalli, Liv Arnesen, Stefano Mancuso Robin Dunbar, Boris Cyrulnik, Bruce Sterling, Nicla Vassallo, John Pendry, Stefano Bignami, Derrick De Kerckhove, Alberto Mantovani, Anil Ananthaswamy, Stephen Hsu, William Colglazier.

Nella sezione Portfolio potete vedere alcuni dei reportage che ho realizzato.


Ho scritto e curato libri scientifici e libri per bambini.

Insieme a Stefano Mancuso ho scritto il libro Verde Brillante. Intelligenza e sensibilità del mondo vegetale (Giunti, 2013)

Insieme a Piero Martin ho scritto il libro L’era dell’atomo (Il Mulino, 2014)

Per Andrea Illy ho curato il libro Un sogno di caffè (Codice, 2015)

Insieme a Rosalba Vitellaro ho scritto i libri Giovanni e Paolo e il mistero dei pupi (RAI Eri 2012) e La missione di 3P (RAI Eri, 2013).


Dal 2001 dirigo il centro di produzione video – cinematografico Larcadarte.

Ho scritto le sceneggiature dei cartoni animati Benedetta, Giovanni e Paolo e il mistero dei pupi, La missione di 3P, Il traguardo di Patrizia , tutti coprodotti da RAI Fiction e Larcadarte e andati in onda su reti RAI.

Giovanni e Paolo e il mistero dei pupi ha vinto l’XI premio Rocco Chinnici, il Premio Naxos e il premio Il Grillo – Alta qualità dei prodotti per l’infanzia.

La missione di 3P ha ottenuto la prestigiosa Medaglia di rappresentanza del Presidente della Repubblica Italiana.

Il traguardo di Patrizia ha vinto il Premio UNICEF e ottenuto la Medaglia di rappresentanza del Presidente della Repubblica Italiana.

Ho scritto e co-diretto i documentari Beata Provvidenza (2013), in onda su Rai 1, e Pietramare, entrambi prodotti da Rai Cinema (2009). Sto lavorando al documentario Lettera da Barbiana, preacquistato da RAI Cinema.

Ho scritto inoltre i testi dei documentari: Il parco naturale delle Madonie (2007), Percorsi archeologici della provincia di Palermo (2004), Palermo Normanna (2004), Belice 35 anni dopo (2003), Palermo bizantina e araba (2001).


Dall’anno accademico 2013/2014 tengo insieme a Piero Martin il corso Comunicazione e Scienza dell’energia alla LUISS di Roma (30 ore). Sempre insieme a Piero Martin, nel settembre 2013 ho inaugurato l’anno accademico del Collegio internazionale dell’università ‘Ca Foscari di Venezia con la lezione L’alfabeto dell’energia.

Ho insegnato anche (tenendo corsi completi, seminari o conferenze) all’università Tor Vergata di Roma, alla LUMSA, all’Istituto di Giornalismo di Palermo, all’università di Padova, all’università di Avellino, all’università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia, alla Venice International University.


Nel 2011 sono stata la curatrice scientifica delle sezioni Energia e Mobilità della mostra Stazione Futuro, curata da Riccardo Luna e allestita alle O.G.R. di Torino per i 150 anni dell’Unità d’Italia.

Nel 2009 ho collaborato alla mostra Astri e Patricelle allestita dall’Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare al Palazzo delle Esposizioni di Roma.



Nel 2016 il Ministero della Scienza austriaco ha assegnato a Verde brillante. Intelligenza e sensibilità del mondo vegetale il premio Wissenschaftbuch des Jahres (Libro scientifico dell’anno).

Nel il 2008 il Ministero degli Affari Esteri mi ha conferito il premio Valorizzare la biodiversità, per un reportage apparso su La Repubblica.

Nel 2007 l’Ugis (Unione italiana giornalisti scientifici) mi ha assegnato la borsa di studio della Fondazione Armenise-Harvard per il miglior articolo scientifico dell’anno.


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